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Tintilia: south Italy wine excellence!

Pasquale Di Lena talks us about Tintilia

"It's a wine that bears witness of Molise, and it is the most representative of the Molise native vines"... Pasquale di Lena, in this video interview, talks us about Tintilia wine and how much Tintilia expresses Molise country, in terms of aromas and flavors too.

Grand Prix Tintilia and Native Vines

Termoli will host the "Best Sommelier of ASPI Italia" CONTEST and the 1st edition of the "GRAN PREMIO TINTILIA E VITIGNI AUTOCTONI" (Grand Prix Tintilia and Native Vines), during the event "DIVINOLIO ITALY" expected to be held from 20 to 23 September 2012.

TintiliaMolise meets Cantine Catabbo - Video interview

The farm we're introducing today is Catabbo of San Martino in Pensilis, born from the passion of Mr. Vincenzo and now carried on with verve and innovation by his sons Sara, Carla and Pasquale. Cantine Catabbo have in fact been able to decline the Tintilia grape in new forms such as passito, sparkling wine and rosé. We talked about this and much more with the farm's enologist, Giuseppe Pirro.

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  • Tintilia 2009
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What is Tintilia?

Tintilia vine is deemed the most important vine of the Molise tradition. Some decades ago there were many doubts about its origin and its genetic and morphologic characteristics: nowadays it is possible to state that Tintilia vine arrived in Molise during the Spanish domination. Its name could hence be originated from “Tinto”, meaning “red” in spanish. Tintilia adjusted itself to the new environments thanks to its great spirit of adaptability, and spred over the whole territory, so as to be considered Molise’s most important variety, also used to give colour and body to existing wines.

We present one amoung our farms:

The quest for, and recovery of grape species "on the verge of extinction", have prompted Di Majo Norante to produce wines which are rich in flavour using traditional farming methods and updating them to bring out their full potential. This has resulted in the splendid “new wines from old vines”. It is the pure vinification of vines traditionally found in southern Italy and the Molise region; wines whose typical and harmonious expression that have giver rise to a new geography of wine by virtue of peculiarities specific to the area and to the different varieties.

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